WONDER WOMAN rethought – new beginning

Often after we finish a book we put it away to work on something else. Then when our intense focus on it has faded we look back at it – and see aspects we did not see before. I recently did that with my Wonder Woman Rethought book, Star Woman. And in the first chapter I noticed that it starts in the wrong place.

I fixed that chapter, and the second chapter since the fix affected it. Both they and the three following chapters are now online. Click Chapter 1 – Revelation to read the first chapter, which will lead you to the following ones.

A book should speak for itself. But a few of you may enjoy knowing how my Star Woman is like her inspiration, and unlike her. First, the look is different. It’s more grounded in reality. Really, what crime fighter wears a star-spangled bikini and high heels?!

But I love the look, silly as it is. So I wondered, how would a young woman who’s suddenly acquired super powers change her look? Maybe not at all, if one of the powers was to clothe herself in an invisible but super-hard force field. Which also let her fly.

Click either image to see the full-size version. (Why two images? I couldn’t decide which I liked best. Let me know your feelings.)

Anna in Air stormy bkgnd CROPPED.Anna in Air sunny bkgnd CROPPED

The force field shield dispenses with the need for those silly bullet-bouncing bracelets. Really! A heavy machine gun fires 60 rounds a SECOND. Each the size of our thumbs, weighing a tenth of a pound, and moving at over 2000 feet per second. Wonder Woman would have awfully sore muscles after deflecting a magazine of those bullets!

And the tiara? What use is it? In the comics it’s a status symbol and a boomerang-like weapon. In my version it’s a super-supercomputer, communicator, and “gravitar” sensor suite. And it can be invisible so she can use it without anyone knowing she has it. Oh, and it helps her sense if someone is telling the truth or lying, so no need for Wonder Woman’s golden lasso.

Which brings us to the greatest difference of my Star Woman from Wonder Woman. I always thought the Greek gods origins of Diana Prince really stupid. I opted for a sci-fi explanation: she’s an alien. Hey, if it’s good enough for Superman, it’s good enough for Wonder Woman!


About Laer Carroll

I am an aerospace software and systems engineer recently retired to become a professional writer. My genres include sci fi and fantasy, young adult, and technical books.
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