RED SPARROW – engrossing Jennifer Lawrence movie

I was dubious about Jennifer Lawrence’s latest foray in filmic heroics. It sounded a bit too much like a Black Widow origin story, for one thing. But I saw it last night and was pleasantly surprised.

The heroine Dominika Egorova IS a Russian spy and secret agent like Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, Natalia Romanova. But instead of fighting with fists and feet and the occasional weapon Dominika fights with her brains.

From a victim of misfortune and a puppet of a ruthless government at the beginning she’s transformed into a deadly mistress of wits and weapons. One which her masters come to regret creating and decide, too late, to “retire with extreme prejudice.”


About Laer Carroll

I am an aerospace software and systems engineer recently retired to become a professional writer. My genres include sci fi and fantasy, young adult, and technical books.
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