THE EONS-LOST ORPHAN – my latest book

Jane Doe remembered nothing about her past when she awoke naked in a park. She was unhurt and seemed 14 years old, a small pretty blond.

In the hospital and later in an orphanage her intelligence was found to be so high it could not be measured. She liked people and made friends easily. She was also incredibly agile and tough.

She was adopted by a professor and his retired school-principal wife. She liked them and was happy. But sometimes she’d look up at the night-time sky and think she must have come from there. And she decided she must return there.

This story is about how she did it.

Chapter 1 – Entry

Click HERE to get it on Amazon.

Click HERE for background information: the aerospace planes
in the story and spaceships and other such, plus other material.

Click image to see a larger version.


About Laer Carroll

I am an aerospace software and systems engineer recently retired to become a professional writer. My genres include sci fi and fantasy, young adult, and technical books.
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6 Responses to THE EONS-LOST ORPHAN – my latest book

  1. Dan says:

    So, what’s the next book or books on your agenda? I like the idea of another Orphan book, but I enjoyed your other novels as well, so anything new would be welcome.


  2. Laer Carroll says:

    I’m about one fourth of the way through an Orphan sequel, working title The Orphan in Near-Space. This one chronicles the time she and her crew spend on or near the World Space Station, a big orbiting habitat funded by the three largest hotel chains. And on or near the Moon.

    At the current rate of progress I MAY have it available by Thanksgiving. But Christmas may be a more realistic upload date.


    • Dan says:

      Thanks! Is there any backlog (e.g. based on book snippets on this site) you are planning to publish?


      • Laer Carroll says:

        No. Like many writers, or so I suppose, I have several works in progress. But I may or may not finish them or they may change a lot by the time they’re completed. I hate to tease people with something incomplete or not as good as it should be. Be sure to sign up on my web site and at my Author Page at to get email notices when stories become available.

        I’m retired from engineering and can spend my days writing, so several new stories should come out each year.


  3. Dan says:

    I notice that there is a listing for STAR WOMAN on, but it’s out of print. Is this available electronically anywhere?


    • Laer Carroll says:

      The Star Woman is going the rounds of agents. The listed print version is an early work. I’ve twice told CreateSpace that it is not for sale. So far they’ve not acted on my instructions.


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