ORPHAN sequel now available

The sequel to The Eons-Lost Orphan is now available on Amazon.

It is fitting though a coincidence that it comes out the same week the movie Captain Marvel premieres. The comics series started in 2012 by Kelly Sue DeConnick was one of the inspirations for the first Orphan book.

In The Orphan in Near-Space Jane Kuznetsov makes cislunar space her home. “Near-space” (my term) is the sphere around Earth out to just beyond the Moon.

Jane also creates several inventions that make it home to the human race as well. One of them helps a NASA Jet Propulsion Lab project exploring the asteroid belt to make a momentous discovery. And the Glorious and One True Republic of China, one of the three splinters of today’s China, kidnaps Jane intending to force secrets out of her.

The splinter republic really should not have annoyed the woman that their own military pilots call The Dragon.

Click image to read the first few chapters and to buy the book.


About Laer Carroll

I am an aerospace software and systems engineer recently retired to become a professional writer. My genres include sci fi and fantasy, young adult, and technical books.
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2 Responses to ORPHAN sequel now available

  1. scott says:

    The book just stopped at the end. no last page with any links or chapter headings. was that intentional? good read BTW. ready for the next one. thanks


    • Laer Carroll says:

      Here are the last several sentences. If they are not the ones in your copy of the book then somewhere along the way you’ve received a defective copy. Let me know here and I’ll look into the matter further.

      By the way, I AM working on a sequel but have been blocked by a plot problem. So I’m finishing a non-Orphan book and will post it in a month or so.
      Jane leaped/flew back to her spaceplane trying to shake off her shock at the sudden death she’d just witnessed. She needed to focus on the details of returning to Huiyang base and swapping Prosperity for Princess III for her return to the US. It wasn’t easy. She kept wondering if she could have handled the confrontation better.

      But it was done. She was headed for home. To Mom, Pop, Natalie, their families, who were her families. To her crew. And to Phil.

      She stepped into Prosperity, closed the door, and took a deep breath. Then she went forward, sat in the pilot’s seat, and laid her hands on the familiar control yoke.

      The cyborg gestalt enfolded her. The Dragon lifted HER nose and flew.


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