LADY DEATH, of the Confederation Tales, now available

Some of you asked about my plans for my several books and series. Here they are for the next several months to a year.

Finish & publish part three of the Space Orphan series. This is slow going, as I must keep the ambience established by the first and then the second book. I must also extend the previous story arc, not just repeat what went before. And come to a satisfying conclusion to that arc.

The Space Orphan trilogy is part of the Confederation Tales series. The trilogy touches on some of the vast stretches of space and time of the interstellar milieu in which the Orphan takes place. The novelette Catching Ultrawoman gave a bit more detail about a smaller part of the milieu: the Human Interstellar Confederation. Lady Death gives more about the Confed. It also tells why Anna Prince became an Interstellar Guardian.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned the stories in the Shapechanger Tales series. I’m also working on The Twice-Dead Boy. Nearly done, it tells the tale of Roan Kinnison, born in the early days of the American Republic as Rhonda Kinney. An unusually wet L.A. spring washes open the caved-in earth above Pacific Palisades beach. It plummets him, an apparent seventeen-year old, into Santa Monica Bay a century after his second death. He enters SanMo high school. And meets an incognito Hwd movie star.

As to the last part of the trilogy begun with Shapechanger’s Birth and continued in Shapechanger’s Progress? Shapechanger’s Destiny is well along but slow going, as other books have taken priority. Will it be ever be available? Yes. But when? Sorry, I don’t know.

Click image to read a sample and to buy the novelette.


About Laer Carroll

I am an aerospace software and systems engineer recently retired to become a professional writer. My genres include sci fi and fantasy, young adult, and technical books.
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