THE SPACE ORPHAN trilogy’s first book at ROCK-BOTTOM price

The Eons-Lost Orphan, the first book of The Space Orphan trilogy, is now at Amazon’s lowest allowed price of $.99.

(Click on each book’s image to preview and to buy the book.)

About Laer Carroll

I am an aerospace software and systems engineer recently retired to become a professional writer. My genres include sci fi and fantasy, young adult, and technical books.
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10 Responses to THE SPACE ORPHAN trilogy’s first book at ROCK-BOTTOM price

  1. Ian Carruthers says:

    Thank you for your consideration of us , the readers. As an additional thought, is there any chance of converting The Star Woman into an ebook in the near future ? The taster chapters were very ….. tasty ! even moorish ! Regards, Ian.


    • Laer Carroll says:

      The Star Woman is being converted to both ebook and “pbook” (Print on Demand) formats. Not sure yet when will be the right time to publish them so soon after publishing two other books.


      • Ian Carruthers says:

        Thanks for that info , Mr Carroll. Earlier would be my preference, but then I’m biased ! As they say… ‘In your own time’ and at your discretion since you’re the Author, for which I thank you most sincerely. I have little or no storytelling imagination, so I must rely on the efforts of others, including yourself. Incidentally, in co-opting the ‘comments’ section of your most recent post regarding your offers on the Space-orphan trilogy, I failed to say how much I enjoyed all three of the books, several times in fact. Looking forward to the next in the series. Regards, Ian Carruthers.


  2. Ian Carruthers. says:

    I have to report some sort of *glitch* on Amazon. Your Space Orphan series are priced at $ 3.45 each on the main website, with those scrolling teaser bars showing the lower price of $0.99 . This is on 24march2020, a week after your generous gesture, and I thought your should be informed. Regards, Ian.


    • Laer Carroll says:

      Thanks Ian. I just now did a search on Amazon both by entering the title of each book and by looking on the Author Page. I was unable to see the erroneous prices. Perhaps you could give me the step by step process that brings up the bad prices.


  3. Ian Carruthers. says:

    Good Morning, at least here in the UK, it’s a cold but sunny am. I just tapped on the book covers above on your blog page for the Space Orphan, and that took me to, where the price shown is still $3.45 .Checking with Amazon I get the equivalent price in £. When on on the page for “Voyages”, there is a streaming banner further down the page advertising other books of a ‘similar’ style, and there the other books in the Space Orphan series ARE shown at $0.99 . However, when I clicked on them, the price showing was $3.45. It might have changed by now. Hope this rather longwinded explanation helps – easier when you can point and tell ! Regrds,Ian

    PS . Yep – still doing it – just checked. Ian


  4. Laer Carroll says:

    I’ve been unable to duplicate the situation described. I’m guessing it might have something to do with you being in the UK. I did notice, however, that the UK prices did not automatically go down to the minimum Amazon allows when the US price went to that point.

    Therefore I manually changed the 12 prices I could change to the minimums. So the UK price will be .99 £ as soon as Amz updates its web page, usually overnight. Ditto the prices for the other countries.

    The 200+ other countries which buy books through Amz? I have not way to tell about Russia, Indonesia, MyanMar, etc Not that I get many books sold in Indonesia and Uzbekistan or whatever! (Amz does insist it sells books in over 200+ countries, so I can HOPE my books are available globally.)

    Thanks for the feedback, Ian.


  5. Ian Carruthers says:

    You are most welcome Mr. Carroll. What is even more puzzling is that whilst the UK price is now £0.99 ( and books bought immediately) going to website, the price shows as $ 1.23 ( just checked) . The ways of AAAMAAAZON are not for mere mortals to understand !
    Regards and many thanks for your interest . Ian.


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