CUTIES – a movie protesting the early sexualization of women

The Netflix movie “Cuties” has gotten a lot of people upset about it. It has been accused of pandering to pedophiles. I just watched it and saw instead an underlying criticism of the way young girls are brought up. I recommend the movie.

Women are bombarded from birth with brainwashing. It tells them that their importance, even their ONLY importance, is to be a wife and mother. To do that they must be at the same time sexy and virginal. Sexy to all men so they can capture one in marriage, but thereafter to be sexy only to him.

The sexualization starts even before women can walk. Infants and little girls are praised for being “cute” and for wearing pretty dresses. A long-running popular TV show was “Toddlers and Tiaras” where girls barely out of infancy competed in beauty contests. Cheerleading where mostly girls dress sexy and do sexy moves start in middle school and go through high school and college.

Much of social media encourages women to be sexy even before they become women. Popular participants in the likes of YouTube and TikTok can garner many thousands of followers. This is the focus of “Cuties” as an eleven-year old Senegalese girl discovers social media and works to become popular through dance routines inspired by Beyoncé and Rihanna and other singers.

Click on image to see a trailer of the movie & get it.

About Laer Carroll

I am an aerospace software and systems engineer recently retired to become a professional writer. My genres include sci fi and fantasy, young adult, and technical books.
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