THE EMPRESS OF UNITY is nearing completion

I am a few chapters away from the end of my book #14. It is a sequel to THE SPACE ORPHAN trilogy. The main character is ex-Space-Force Major astronaut Felicia Romero.

She is bisexual and is trying to persuade her lady love Annika to be chief architect of Atlantis, a New-Zealand-sized Pacific island halfway between Kiwi Land and Chile.

One of the perqs (and needs) of the job is her private spaceplane. It is about the size of a bizjet. Here is a translucent side view showing a galley, restroom, six passenger seats, and two seats for pilots. Not hyper-capable, but can travel anywhere on Earth and to the Moon.

Click image to see info on THE SPACE ORPHAN trilogy.

About Laer Carroll

I am an aerospace software and systems engineer recently retired to become a professional writer. My genres include sci fi and fantasy, young adult, and technical books.
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