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My Wonder Woman “rethought”

Here is my idea for a rethinking of Wonder Woman. Instead of a fantasy background, she is like the Super duo, sent to Earth from an advanced civilization. Knows she’s adopted, but only learns her bioparents origin when she turns 18 and is gifted with advanced tech. Here she is, invisible, flying wherever she wants, via one of those gifts.

Her force-field outfit mimics her favorite casual wear: tennies, shorts, and a tee-shirt with the logo of her favorite band: the Eaglez. Doesn’t need stupid bullet-bouncing wrist bands; her space suit protects her. Her tiara sinks into her brain, taking up its role as a comm link, gravity radar, and supercomputer. (My version of the comic’s Wonder Woman’s gift of Athena’s wisdom.)

Click the chapter title to read the first chapter of The Star Woman : Chapter 1 – Revelation.


Fairy tale superhero

Here is Snow White as a superhero. She is modeled after Katy Perry, but is not quite as generously bosomed. Click her image to bring up a 3D model which you can look at from all angles.

Snow White - superhero cropped resized


When is bare skin not a liability?

Here’s the first draft of an interior illustration for my Shapechanger book, The Super Olympian: Mystic Warrior. In it my heroine is asked to help an old friend who’s been captured by terrorists. The baddies are hiding in a jungle, so she changes her skin to blend in with the greenery and dons green clothing and selects a rifle with a camouflage stock.

Why is she showing so much skin? Isn’t that something I’ve knocked comics about? Because I came up a good reason why bare skin might not be so silly after all. She has skin which is as hard as rubber when struck by a knife or pistol bullet. Still has to avoid rifle and machine-gun bullets, partly by stealth and partly by having supersenses and a super-accurate aim.


Click this image for an even larger view.


Composer work station.

Hidden under the monitor is a notebook computer I rarely used. The digital piano is a cheap one used by kids (or me!) to learn to play. It outputs music in the MIDI format. The mouse and keyboard connect via Bluetooth to the computer. I found cheap and free software that shows the MIDI output as standard music notation, and it can record it for playback. A decent sound system is also hidden, and I use earphones when playing late at night.


My flag expressing my political views.


New Absolute Write signature image


Bare Elfhome hovertrike image. Click on it to see more info & a much larger more detailed image.


Kelly “Shadow” Walker in casual dress visiting a restaurant. (click for full-page view)

Kelly in her combat supersuit. (click for full-page view)


Map from Shapechanger’s Progress of Ireland, England, and a little bit of France.


Sales of my books since The Eons-Lost Orphan went on sale.


Researching Afghanistan & its surroundings for my latest book I was struck with how similar it is to Westeros. Same tech level, same savage tribal culture, some of the same varied barren & lush lands.