How did the immortal shapechangers come to be?  The answer lies in the Demon’s Forest, and the encounter of one young woman fleeing for her life with one of the forest’s most dreaded dwellers.  It happened 9,000 years before our time….

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Forest Demon cover 3, 25%

Bethany Rossiter was an ordinary teenaged girl whose greatest passion was cheer leading. She died the day before her 16th birthday and returned to life very un-ordinary. Among other powers she could fly and wield lightning bolts.

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Olympic-bound Sasha Canaro was 17 when she died in a daring rescue attempt. Reborn, she goes on to win Golds at the Olympics, become a fashion model, moonlight as a crime fighter and super-soldier.

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Front cover BH 133x200 SO Bloodhound pbk frnt 132x200

Kidnapped to be forced into prostitution but accidentally killed, marine biologist Sylvia Connelly wakes under the waters offshore of Puerto Rico a sea monster. Regaining her memories and life on land she sets out for revenge.

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Mary McCarthy, born 1801, reborn 1854, was a major influence on the history of the planet. Her story is told in two books.

In the first Irish farmer’s wife and grandmother Mary McCarthy awakens in her grave in 1854 an almost skeletal young teen with extraordinary powers. She sets off to find who and what she is. Which will include orphan, laundry owner, medical doctor, scientist, inventor – and the most feared crime boss in the British Empire.

The sequel to Shapechanger’s Birth finds immortal shapechanger Mary McCarthy working to handle the near-runaway success of her criminal organization. She also encounters another shapechanger. And discovers that her kind are not always benign.

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2 Responses to Stories

  1. Glenn M. Thompson says:

    What Happen to Shapechanger’s Destiny? Would really love copy of it !!!!!!


    • Laer Carroll says:

      Working on it, but in bits and pieces between other books. It’s big, long, and complicated, so I must hope it will be well received when I finally get it done. The third book of a trilogy is always (from my experience anyway) hard to write and takes time to do well.


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