Star Woman’s costumes

When she goes out to spy on criminals or fight them, day or night, Annalisa King usually dresses in a way that would arouse no suspicion.  It might be jeans and tennies and a tee-shirt.  Or a day dress, nice or ordinary.  Possibly with a head scarf and sunglasses.

At night when snooping she could be dressed as a jogger.  Maybe bundled up in a hooded cloak against the chill—or for more eerie effect.  Who when confronted might lift eyes which are burning pools of fire, and be carrying a staff with star-stuff at the tip.

A black outfit, maybe with full-length cloak, is kind of cliché but might be fun sometimes.  Other times an evening gown with accessories might be better.










Here she is visiting Venus, a planet closely resembling mythical Hell. She does not bother to have Suit give her the appearance of modesty since no one is around to see her. Suit’s invisible force field surface is all the clothing she needs.

Vesuvius spaceship womanvesuvius-spaceship-woman-3

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