Wonder Woman’s face

Canon says she’s beautiful, white, and black haired, but different comics artists have differed on other aspects.  I specify that she’s adopted, her parents from the Human Interstellar Confederation.  The citizens are genetically the same stock across all 800+ planets and countless smaller habitats on moons, inside asteroids, and inside giant space cities.  This includes all the Earthly races and some races not of our planet, all of whom can interbreed.

So she might appear slightly alien to people of Earth since part of her inheritance includes non-Earthly races.  Maybe with a slightly Oriental look.

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Gemma Arterton, England                                    Zhang Ziyi, China

Gemma Arterton zhang ziyi

Mila Kunis, Ukraine                                    Shriya Saran, India

Mila Kunis Shriya Saran

Caterina Murino, Italy                          Tonia Sotiropoulou, Greece

Caterina Murino Tonia Sotiropoulou

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