MURDERBOT 3 now available – terrific

The third novella in Martha Wells’ Murderbot series, “Rogue Protocol,” is now available. It is as compellingly readable as its predecessors. It is complete in its own right, but part of a longer story arc which will span one more book till the overall story finishes.

Martha is a prolific writer with several series as well as single books to her credit. I’ve long been a fan of her, ever since I was introduced to her Ile-Rien series, one of my favorite series of all time. Find out more about her extensive works on the Martha Wells web page.

Click on the images to preview or buy the books.

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OVERBOARD – Surprisingly enjoyable silly comedy

I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the movie “Overboard.” I had been desperate enough to try a stupid-sounding movie, a gender-reversed version of the 1987 movie with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

This time around the arrogant rich person laid low by falling overboard from his yacht and suffering amnesia is Eugenia Derbez, an influential Mexican actor, comedian, and filmmaker. The poor person mistreated earlier on his yacht when he threw her rented carpet cleaner and pushed her overboard is played by Anna Faris, American actress, producer, comedian, author, fashion model, podcaster, and occasional singer.

She claims him from the hospital with fake papers as her husband. For a month he works construction and acts as a house husband while she studies for her nursing certificate. There is much fish-out-of-water humor from Derbez.

The premise and the comedy is predictably silly, but I found myself touched by the character portrayals and the slow growth of the callous rich man into a likable person.

Available for from Amazon by clicking HERE.

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WOMEN with SWORDS – hypnotic

The title says it all!

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THE EONS-LOST ORPHAN – my latest book

Jane Doe remembered nothing about her past when she awoke naked in a park. She was unhurt and seemed 14 years old, a small pretty blond.

In the hospital and later in an orphanage her intelligence was found to be so high it could not be measured. She liked people and made friends easily. She was also incredibly agile and tough.

She was adopted by a professor and his retired school-principal wife. She liked them and was happy. But sometimes she’d look up at the night-time sky and think she must have come from there. And she decided she must return there.

This story is about how she did it.

Chapter 1 – Entry

Click HERE to get it on Amazon.

Click HERE for background information: the aerospace planes
in the story and spaceships and other such, plus other material.

Click image to see a larger version.

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TEACHABLE ASSHOLES and the MeToo movement

I was brought up to be an asshole. A lot of men are. The main issue of the #MeToo movement for each of us men is: Are we teachable assholes? Or unteachable?

The unteachables are and forever will be rapists or wannabe rapists, abusers, harassers, sexual bullies.

Many if not most men are taught that being an asshole is the proper way for us to live and relate to other men and to the “weaker sex.” Here are some of the messages that bombard us as we grow up. Few of them are noxious alone. Together they are a poison cocktail.

Big boys don’t cry. (Only weaklings, like gur-uhls, show their emotions.) This makes sense in a warrior or predator culture, where the slightest weakness will be pounced on and exploited.

Women are the weaker sex. They like strong men. They like take-charge men. They like leaders, not followers. Your job is to turn a girl’s No to a Maybe, a Maybe to a Yes. Then fuck ’em and forget ’em.

You’ve probably heard these and similar messages, maybe even (click HERE to continue.)


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From the Amazon web site:

The Transmuter’s Daughter by Laurence Dahners is a near-future science fiction thriller. Morgan Djai’s company’s been bought out, he’s been laid off, his wife wants a divorce, and his brilliant but estranged brother has just been murdered. As Morgan tries to assume his duties as guardian for his brother’s teenage children he’s confronted with the mystery of why his brother died carrying a $10,000 chunk of platinum in the pocket of his jeans.”

Lots of SF has no scientific speculation at the heart of the story. This one does.

Had to read it at one sitting. (Oh, OK. I did get up to zap half a pizza and put ice in a glass and pour iced tea into it!)

Click the image to read the first few chapters.

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I just finished watching the 10th and final episode of Impulse.” This is the latest movie inspired by Steven Gould‘s four-book series of novels about a family of teleporters, beginning with Jumper. The roughly fifty-minute episodes tell a single story arc with a couple of minor subplots. It ends the arc but leaves enough unanswered questions for a sequel.

I enjoyed it, but must warn you the only aspect of the movie to Steven’s book Impulse is teleportation and a teenaged female main character who discovers her talent when she is frightened by a threat.

For a free view of the first episode click on the THIS link.

The main problem with “Impulse” is the fact that it is only available on YouTube Premium. The only devices you can view it on are computers, mobile phones, and a very few Smart TVs.

To get around those limitations I downloaded the episodes to my PC computer via the YouTube DOWNLOAD button. I then used an app to make a DVD from the episodes so I could more conveniently watch it on my TV. (I use Freemake Video Converter but there are other free but good DVD makers.)

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I’ve long been a fan of the 1632 Universe series. It and the critiques of the alternate universe it describes from many other fans in the Baen 1632 Tech conference inspired me to write my Shapechanger Tales series.

Recently I entered a story, the first of several, into the 1632 Slush forum. Participation in it is required before you submit a story to the editors of the online 1632 publishing site. If you’re not familiar with it, click on this link to The Grantville Gazette. For just $12 you get access to the latest edition and to ALL THE PREVIOUS ONES. There’s lots of good stuff in it.

Stories in the Slush go through several versions. When critiques cease for a particular version I go through all of them and make any changes needed to the story. So far not a single critique has struck me as being off base. As a result my story has improved a lot. Two critiques in particular made me completely rethink my main character and how I portray her.

Athena Sarah Mawusi Akwete Ocampo is a “quarter-blood” or “quadroon” woman living on the west coast of Africa. Her father is a rich merchant there dealing in, among other things, gold and ivory. But not slaves. His wife is half-black. He hates the slave trade but can do nothing about it. As he has no son, she has long been his most capable assistant. She is also a fierce and expert fighter.

Sarah (she prefers that name rather than her prestige name, Athena) hears of the appearance of a magical city from the future called Grantville. At first she discounts the news but too many stories and convincing ones makes her decide the city is real. Like many, she wonders about it. Unlike most, she goes to find out.

Join others in reading the latest version and helping me make it better.


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Latest Vorkosiverse story from LOIS MCMASTER BUJOLD

Anything new from grand master Lois McMaster Bujold is a cause for celebration. I hastened to download her latest story in her Vorkosigan Universe series. THEN I celebrated.

Click the image to read an excerpt and to buy the story.

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Eric Flint’s RING OF FIRE press

I’m a big fan of the 1632 Universe created by Eric Flint. I’ve read all the novels in the series, and they inspired me to write my own alternate-history series: The Shapechanger Tales.

Recently I discovered that Flint created the Ring of Fire press, an organization which publishes short novels published originally in the online subscription service The Grantville Gazette. This service is a place for shorter fiction taking place in the 1632 universe. Each issue also includes one or two short articles exploring some part of the universe. For $4.20 a month the Gazette is a real bargain.

So far I’ve read and recommend the following. My favorite perhaps is the first. Click on the images to read the first few chapters.

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