Over a dozen years ago motivational speaker Judson Lappily created & performed a hilarious dance routine he titled “Evolution of Dance.” It became immensely popular & has spawned dozens of copies and variations.

Since then he had updated it twice. Here is the most recent version.

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SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY – terrific dance scenes mashup

I’ve been a fan of dancing since high school when I learned rock and roll (AKA East Coast Swing). I did it at a honky-tonk owned by an uncle and was taught by a hot waitress twice my age.

Later it was disco in college. I even took modern-dance classes to better emulate John Travolta. It was a bit embarrassing wearing a leotard but all the fit female forms wearing the same was adequate distraction. Later came ballroom dancing and bad polka and beer during Oktoberfests and salsa when I moved to California. Lots of señoritas were a big motivation but I also love the music.

Then a friend introduced me to the Argentine Tango. I’ve been doing it for more than 25 years, even spending a month in Buenos Aires to take lessons in afternoons and going to late-night milongas which lasted till 4:00 am.

Here is a dance video from YouTube. The music is Fine Young CannibalsShe Drives Me Crazy. The videos snippets are from popular movies.

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BATWOMAN – good start

I thought the CW’s Batwoman program would bore me. I just saw the first episode and enjoyed it. So I bought the season via Amazon Video. Even if it doesn’t pan out for me after the first few episodes at least I’ve supported the superhero/ine movement. It is, after all, where all my books fit in so far.

What I like most is the Batwoman costume. It’s a big improvement over the Supergirl alternate-universe crossover that showed her wearing a red wig for some godawful reason.

What I like least is making her a Lesbian – and having a Lesbian playing her. I support the LGBTQ movement but this seemed a little too PC, introducing a gay sub-theme just to be superwoke. I’ll wait and see how they handle this aspect of her. They MIGHT be able to pull off some interesting plot twists with her Lesbian side.

It is available for streaming via Amazon Video, free if you have a Prime membership and moderately priced otherwise.

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OUR GIRL – great British TV military drama

These last few days I’ve been watching a great BBC program: Our Girl. Over five episodes it chronicles the evolution of Molly Dawes from a depressed, underachieving London East End young woman to a confident professional.

This happens over a year in which she goes through basic training, then training as a Combat Medical Technician. This is basically an emergency specialist who treats soldiers during the Golden Ten Minutes after they’ve fallen on the battlefield.

It continues over a year in Afghanistan while the British Army is handing over a military base to the Afghan Army. During that time she participates in exercises against the Taliban and learns, among other matters, who she is and what she can do.

It is available for streaming via Amazon Video, free if you have a Prime membership and moderately priced otherwise.

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CLASSIC black German DISCO-ROCK vocal group

In the mid-70s to mid-80s one of the most popular vocal groups in Europe & Russia was Boney M. It disbanded in the mid-80s but several times has been reborn by replacing several members. All their works can be heard through the YouTube channel BoneyMVEVO.

Here are two of its more popular songs, reused time and again on YouTube. The first was banned in Russia but is now newly popular in that country. The dancers are from the Georgian national ballet & the dancing was performed in that country.


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CITY HOMICIDE – great Australian police crime series

I’m a fan of British police procedurals. Recently I discovered an Australian series that has the same sensibilities – convincing acting, well plotted, gritty detailed crime drama. Most of all is that it has interesting characters you care about and want to follow from episode to episode.

It’s free with Amazon Prime & inexpensive if you don’t have a Prime sub.

Here’s a link to the first episode of four seasons.


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FUN VIDEO – tune from Status Quo band: In The Army Now

Want to see Darth Vader & Storm Troopers dancing? (And some cute girls and guys?) Watch!

The tune is from an album by the UK band Status Quo. Video by videditor KM Music in Thessaloniki Greece. One of my favorite YouTube channels.

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FUN VIDEO – Sugar, Sugar (the Archies, 1969)

I lack any announcements of sci-fi/fantasy news this week, or any other news I want to shout about. Not because there is none, but because I’m lazy.

So I’m starting a new practice. Each week without news I’ll post a YouTube video I came across that just gives me joy. I hope you will enjoy each too.

Oh, and in case you detect videos that have more women than men shaking their booties, that MIGHT clue you in that I’m a cis-gender male.

Here’s a video put to the tune of Sugar, Sugar which you can read about on Wikipedia.

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How BLACK WIDOW could come back – version 2

I just received and put up on my wall a photo of Natasha Romanoff as Black Widow. It’s from “Captain America: Civil War.” It’s directly in my line of sight when I lift my gaze from my computer monitor. It gives me a tiny kick to help me continue writing on the final book of the Space Orphan trilogy. (It just passed the two-thirds milestone, incidentally.)

I have another theory about why in “Avengers: Endgame” the BW did not die. She’s a super soldier.

In the comics she was treated with a super-soldier serum or the like, as were some other Russian women such as Yelena Belova (who also worked under the title Black Widow). This is why in the movies Romanoff is seen being super strong, fast, and tough. So tough that when thrown by explosions or enemies across a room against a wall she leaps back to the fight unhurt. Or jumps from great heights to continue a fight. THUS: the fall on the Soul Planet only SEEMED to kill her.

To get your own copy of the 8×10″ photo click this image.


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How BLACK WIDOW could come back

At the end of the last Avengers movie several of the Avengers have disappeared, retired, or SEEM to be dead. Among them is Natasha Romanoff: the Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson. But in the comics and movies based on comics even death is not final.

We know Natasha will be back in the upcoming Black Widow movie, now shooting and scheduled to premiere in 2020. However it will be an origin story taking place before Avengers: Endgame. If it makes good money there will almost certainly be a post-Endgame movie. How will Marvel bring the Widow back?

To see how they might manage that read this chapter of a book showing how.

Click image to see a larger version of it.

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