KATHERINE RYAN – quirky British comedy

I recently discovered a new (to me) hilarious comedienne. She’s Katherine Ryan, a Canadian comic living and working in the UK. She has two comedy specials on Netflix.

Katherine Ryan: In Trouble

Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room

After watching her comedy specials on Netflix I was intrigued enough to watch the dramedy THE DUCHESS that she’d written, produced, and starred in. It is six half-hour episodes that has a satisfying story arc as well as being funny.

I highly recommend all three. Her humor is frank with a British comedic turn-things-on-their-side weirdness.

Click on the image to see a trailer. To get it click HERE.

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ENOLA HOLMES – Sherlock’s little sister now on Netflix

Sherlock Holmes and his brother Mycroft (who as everyone knows is the smarter of the two) have a little sister: Enola. She has had an unusual upbringing, taught by her mother to fight (among other unconventional skills).

When her mother goes missing Enola does not wait for her brothers to find Mama. She goes herself.

And thus we have a Netflix movie to document her hunt, which turns into an investigation of a larger and more dangerous situation.

Click on the image to see a trailer. To get it click HERE. To get her books click HERE.

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CUTIES – a movie protesting the early sexualization of women

The Netflix movie “Cuties” has gotten a lot of people upset about it. It has been accused of pandering to pedophiles. I just watched it and saw instead an underlying criticism of the way young girls are brought up. I recommend the movie.

Women are bombarded from birth with brainwashing. It tells them that their importance, even their ONLY importance, is to be a wife and mother. To do that they must be at the same time sexy and virginal. Sexy to all men so they can capture one in marriage, but thereafter to be sexy only to him.

The sexualization starts even before women can walk. Infants and little girls are praised for being “cute” and for wearing pretty dresses. A long-running popular TV show was “Toddlers and Tiaras” where girls barely out of infancy competed in beauty contests. Cheerleading where mostly girls dress sexy and do sexy moves start in middle school and go through high school and college.

Much of social media encourages women to be sexy even before they become women. Popular participants in the likes of YouTube and TikTok can garner many thousands of followers. This is the focus of “Cuties” as an eleven-year old Senegalese girl discovers social media and works to become popular through dance routines inspired by Beyoncé and Rihanna and other singers.

Click on image to see a trailer of the movie & get it.

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FOR ALL MANKIND – terrific Netflix series

I just finished watching the first season of the Apple+ ten-episode series For All Mankind. A second season has been OK’d.

It depicts an alternate reality in which the US and Russia continued and increased their rivalry for control of the Moon and its resources. Numerous historical figures are main characters, most especially the astronauts of the 1970s. Other figures are referred to such as Presidents Nixon and Kennedy (although it’s Bobby and not Jack who become President).

Wives and girlfriends also have major roles with stories as interesting as those of the astronauts–which includes five female astronauts.

Available on Apple+ for $4.99.

Click on image to see trailer & buy movie.

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Near the end of the climactic book of The Space Orphan trilogy, Voyages of the Orphan, Jane Kuznetsov visits a stellar system which is the home base of the Star Guardian who protects our solar system.

During that visit she sees the way citizens of the Human Interstellar Confederation live. I could only give hints as reality would surely overshadow anything my imagination could come up with. My hope is that this will stimulate you, my readers, to imagine it and do it more convincingly than I can.

Part of life is enjoying music and other art forms, such as dance. I skimped on those perhaps most of all. Here is a dance form I might have included.

It is an evolution of a very old style of dancing that Michael Jackson popularized: the slide. He called it the Moonwalk and it has evolved since he did so. I call this new form the STARWALK.

Click on image to see the video.

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FUN DANCING SCENES from Great Older Movies

Just for fun – a mashup of dancing scenes from movies set to the tune of Footloose.

Click on image to see the video.

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Michael Jackson inspired BILLY JEAN dancing

Whatever Michael Jackson did in his personal life, in his public life he gave joy to many millions of people all over the world. Here is a dance mashup of performances by both expert and amateur dancers to the tune “Billy Jean.”

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FUN VIDEO – tune from Status Quo band: In The Army Now

Want to see Darth Vader & Storm Troopers dancing? (And some cute girls and guys?) Watch!

The tune is from an album by the UK band Status Quo. Video by videditor KM Music in Thessaloniki Greece. One of my favorite YouTube channels.

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I’m a gun owner and fan from way back. My first gun was a Winchester-like BB gun. The second I got when was I was 17 – a Colt .45 1911 pistol which I customized with Goncala Alves grips. I recently sold it to Gunworld.com as a trade-in on a Glock 19 pistol.

I also carried a pistol as a military policeman, and have experimented with sniper rifles at gun shows. All this and more experience shows up in my books. This includes my Super Olympian books where the heroine is a three-sport Olympic athlete – and a superhuman. And in the forthcoming The Star Woman, whose heroine is a Marine sniper – and another superhuman.

Some of my fellow gun enthusiasts carry our love of guns to silly heights, romancing them, overstating their usefulness, and resisting fanatically any attempt to regulate them. I’m an engineer. I deal in facts. Though I regularly practice at my favorite gun range, firingline.net, there are a few facts that only the fanatics would dispute.

  • Pepper spray is usually a more practical self-defense option than a gun. HERE are some pointers for those who want to buy them. I suggest three PS devices: one on you, one in your car, one in your home.
  • Talent, skill, and control are more important aspects of gun use than the weapon itself. A deadly shooter with a .22 long target pistol is more dangerous than an AR-15 “fun” shooter – or a drugged-out gangbanger.
  • No civilian has a use other than fun for a military-grade gun.

A responsible gun-lover and gun-owner owes it to keeping our right to bear arms to resist both the far-right and the far-left efforts to institute totally free or totally nonfree gun ownership. We can do this by pressuring the NRA to cease its efforts to totally resist RESPONSIBLE gun laws. And to join organizations such as Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership.

Click image for more info.

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to: JEFF BEZOS, subject: LUNA CITY

I’m an aerospace software and systems engineer, working most recently at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and Boeing’s Phantom Works. I am now retired and spend much of each day writing, mostly fiction.

I am also one of many diverse professionals who study, think, and discuss how to colonize the Moon. Here are some ideas your own engineers may not have suggested to you.

BUILD WITH TELEROBOTS – Drones remotely operated from Earth are most cost effective. “Deaths” among them are not tragic, they need no air or water or food or habitats, they need not be returned home.

BUILD WITH PREFABBED PARTS – Construction on the Moon can be done faster and better by doing the hardest work here on Earth.

USE LOCAL MATERIALS – Lunar rocks and soil contain useful minerals which can be extracted in several ways. These include oxygen and the metals iron, calcium, aluminum, and magnesium.

USE VR/AR HEADSETS – “Vears” are an infant industry slowly ramping up to a big business. Remote operation of drones and viewing of the Moon by long-distance “tourists” is a way to give Earth-bound humans a better way of visiting the Moon.

Putting people on the Moon is a practical near-term goal. Putting them on Mars is not. It’s time to build a moon base, or better a moon city.

After the base or city is built it would be covered by a thin layer of dirt to protect it from meteorites and extremes of heat and cold. Artwork by Chris Butler, available in several different versions at his web site.

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