Heaven is YOUR FAMILY at the seashore

I lost my daughter Vanessa Noelle at seven months old despite the efforts of a world-class heart surgeon. Every once in a while she visits me in my dreams, a puppy sized golden moth.

It is children like mine which Trump and his storm troopers chase and capture and imprison and kill through neglect at the Mexican border.

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THE SPACE ORPHAN trilogy with FREE first book now available

ALL three books of The Space Orphan trilogy are now available on Amazon. The first book, The Eons-Lost Orphan, is free for each 24-hour day of the week of February 17-21. Get it now!

(Click on each book’s image to preview and to buy the book.)

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MJ inspired BILLY JEAN dancing

Whatever Michael Jackson did in his personal life, in his public life he gave joy to many millions of people all over the world. Here is a dance mashup of performances by both expert and amateur dancers to the tune “Billy Jean.”

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AEROVOYANT – terrific debut book of new author

Saturday the 11th P. L. (Patty) Tavormina had a book signing in the Open Book store at 512 W. Hillcrest Dr., Thousand Oaks, California. To bring up Google Maps showing the location click THIS link. I enjoyed the book a lot.

Aerovoyant is a ground-breaking science fiction novel about an environmental crisis on a distant planet and those who fight it. It’s Patty’s debut novel and she’s done a great job. It quickly pulls you in and doesn’t let go till the very end.

Click the image to bring up Amazon’s page for the book. It will let you read the first few chapters and buy the book. You can choose whether you get the ebook or the “pbook.”

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The PROSTITUTE incident

My Space Orphan trilogy has sold very well (by my standards). Enough so I’m beginning to get a fair amount of online attention. Questions about sequels to my other six books. A few nasty emails which my spam filter mostly deletes before I see them. A few enquiries about being on con panels. And last week an email from a “fan” who says that for the low-low price of $400 an hour I can come to her apartment and have sex with her. How could any young woman who has seen the picture on my site’s bio page want to have sex with a man as old as me?!!

Turns out a college student at one of LA’s universities. She’s a part-time hooker. Curious, I spent the money for a date with her. Instead of a sex session in her apartment I turned it into lunch at a restaurant near the off-campus dorm where I met her. There I got her to talk about where she was born and grew up and her experiences in college. Then we returned to her apartment with 15 minutes to go on my hour.

She seemed in no hurry to end our session. Instead she casually removed all her clothing including underwear and sat on the couch talking as if she’d done nothing more consequential than removing her sweater.

I tried to hide my facial and other reactions though my voice surely betrayed me. When my hour was up she matter-of-factly suggested we spend a half hour having sex. Because she was such a fan of the trilogy the price would be $100, half her standard rate. I declined though I was tempted; she is gorgeous. Even with a condom I was leery at sharing her with perhaps dozens of other men.

Instead we talked while she sat perfectly comfortable in just her skin. I brought up all the usual condemnations of prostitution: its poisoning of sexual attitudes in many ways, its degradation of women, its support of patriarchy and trafficking, etc. In her third year at college the textbooks in her shelves included several feminist classics and textbooks for advanced physics and chemistry, drama, marketing, and video production. So I wasn’t surprised when she turned all my points aside with counter-points which were clear, concise, and occasionally witty.

After a while she became bored with the topic. She stood up and told me she had homework and must get to it, ending the discussion with a point she thought conclusive. When she graduated she’d have zero debt, a substantial bank account, and the luxury car parked outside her dorm.

And thus I had my first adventure in literary microcelebrity.

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EMMA STONE and others in happy dance mashup

The Christmas season is upon is with all its hurry and sometimes depression. So here is a fun mashup of dancing and music to act as an antidote to all the stress.

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GENIUS or INGENIOUS scam – the Afghan physics student

I never contribute money to sob stories, even when family or friends introduce them to me. Instead each month I contribute to three charities, one newspaper, and one politician. That’s all support I feel my modest retirement income allows.

There is one exception: support for an Afghan student studying in the US. I have checked it out in several ways and believe it is not a scam. Among the ways is THIS NYTimes article.

She is reported to be a scientific genius of great virtuosity, an immigrant who might rival Albert Einstein. Her biography so far is at the following link. This includes her current field of study: quantum error correction. This is being done in part at CalTech university with Dr. John Preskill whose lectures and seminars I’ve enjoyed over the years.  The request for contributions to her support and education follows.

Sultana: The Girl Who Refused To Stop Learning
Sultana’s Fight for Education

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Over a dozen years ago motivational speaker Judson Lappily created & performed a hilarious dance routine he titled “Evolution of Dance.” It became immensely popular & has spawned dozens of copies and variations.

Since then he had updated it twice. Here is the most recent version.

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SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY – terrific dance scenes mashup

I’ve been a fan of dancing since high school when I learned rock and roll (AKA East Coast Swing). I did it at a honky-tonk owned by an uncle and was taught by a hot waitress twice my age.

Later it was disco in college. I even took modern-dance classes to better emulate John Travolta. It was a bit embarrassing wearing a leotard but all the fit female forms wearing the same was adequate distraction. Later came ballroom dancing and bad polka and beer during Oktoberfests and salsa when I moved to California. Lots of señoritas were a big motivation but I also love the music.

Then a friend introduced me to the Argentine Tango. I’ve been doing it for more than 25 years, even spending a month in Buenos Aires to take lessons in afternoons and going to late-night milongas which lasted till 4:00 am.

Here is a dance video from YouTube. The music is Fine Young CannibalsShe Drives Me Crazy. The videos snippets are from popular movies.

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CLASSIC black German DISCO-ROCK vocal group

In the mid-70s to mid-80s one of the most popular vocal groups in Europe & Russia was Boney M. It disbanded in the mid-80s but several times has been reborn by replacing several members. All their works can be heard through the YouTube channel BoneyMVEVO.

Here are two of its more popular songs, reused time and again on YouTube. The first was banned in Russia but is now newly popular in that country. The dancers are from the Georgian national ballet & the dancing was performed in that country.


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