I’ve not been working on my latest book for the past six weeks. That time has been taken up with finding a new home; the oldest one has become too expensive. And prepping for a move in several ways such as getting rid of lots of stuff I no longer need. And moving. And settling in, which included getting a new bed, the older one being too big for my cozier space.

Finally, I’m back at work. On the last fifth of the final book of the Mary McCarthy: Shapechanger trilogy.

Click image to read the first few pages and to buy the books.

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FREE MS Word is available

Recently I decided to use Microsoft Word rather than LibreOffice to write my stories. I wanted to use Grammarly to help me copyedit my stories and LO did not have that option.

The current version of MS Word is available only as a subscription service. I did not want to be captive to Microsoft in this way, nor pay the high price of the software. So I researched downloading free older versions. I found over a dozen places that said they had Word in its several versions. (The newer versions are 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. They are no longer sold or supported by Microsoft, which is fine by me.)

I picked Word 2013 for various reasons. I then examined several websites that offered it free. I chose because over a dozen scam evaluator sites said it was virus free and because it had very clear and simple instructions on how to download and install Word.

I now have Word running. (I also got the rest of Office 2013. I don’t want those apps and will uninstall them sometime soon.) For now I’m happy with this version of Word and its ability to run Grammarly.

To download and install Word 2013 click this image.

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THE EMPRESS OF UNITY, a companion piece to THE SPACE ORPHAN trilogy, is contemporaneous with the middle book.

Click image to read the first few pages and to buy the books.

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Wonderful movie CARRIE PILBY

I just watched for the umpteenth time “Carrie Pilby” starring Bel Powley. Watching her face is a fascinating process; she reveals her feelings so clearly yet so subtly.

The action takes place from just before Thanksgiving through Christmas to New Year’s Eve. In that time Carrie journeys from blahness to happiness while meeting interesting characters, including one cad (who meets his just deserts, I’m glad to say).

I’m heartbroken that I’m not friends with this fictional character. Happily, I have some real-life friends who are just as terrific. I urge you to meet her too. To find out how go HERE.

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More FUN DANCING SCENES from Great Older Movies

Just for fun – a mashup of dancing scenes from movies set to the tune of Rasputin, performed by the German all-Black vocal group Boney M.

Click on image to see the video.

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ILIZA SHLESINGER hilarious comedy specials

I recently came across a genius comedienne, smart, creative, and most of all HILARIOUSLY funny. She is Iliza Shlesinger.

She has been working steadily since 2007. She is best known for five comedy specials. Here they are, from earliest to latest. I eagerly look forward to what she does next.

Click image to preview & add to your Watchlist/MyList.
The first two are on Amazon Video, the next three are on Netflix.


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FUN DANCING SCENES from Great Older Movies

Just for fun – a mashup of dancing scenes from movies set to the tune of Footloose.

Click on image to see the video.

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to: ELON MUSK, subject: LUNA CITY

I’m an aerospace software and systems engineer, working most recently at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and Boeing’s Phantom Works. I am now retired and spend much of each day writing, mostly fiction.

I am also one of many diverse professionals who study, think, and discuss how to colonize the Moon. Here are some ideas your own engineers may not have suggested to you.

BUILD WITH TELEROBOTS – Drones remotely operated from Earth are most cost effective. “Deaths” among them are not tragic, they need no air or water or food or habitats, they need not be returned home.

BUILD WITH PREFABBED PARTS – Construction on the Moon can be done faster and better by doing the hardest work here on Earth.

USE LOCAL MATERIALS – Lunar rocks and soil contain useful minerals which can be extracted in several ways. These include oxygen and the metals iron, calcium, aluminum, and magnesium.

USE VR/AR HEADSETS – “Vears” are an infant industry slowly ramping up to a big business. Remote operation of drones and viewing of the Moon by long-distance “tourists” is a way to give Earth-bound humans a better way of visiting the Moon.

Putting people on the Moon is a practical near-term goal, a necessary precursor to putting them on Mars. It’s time to build a moon base, or better a moon city.

After the base or city is built it would be covered by a thin layer of dirt to protect it from meteorites and extremes of heat and cold. Artwork by Chris Butler, available in several different versions at his web site.

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WOMEN with SWORDS – hypnotic

The title says it all!

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TEACHABLE ASSHOLES and the MeToo movement

I was brought up to be an asshole. A lot of men are. The main issue of the #MeToo movement for each of us men is: Are we teachable assholes? Or unteachable?

The unteachables are and forever will be rapists or wannabe rapists, abusers, harassers, sexual bullies.

Many if not most men are taught that being an asshole is the proper way for us to live and relate to other men and to the “weaker sex.” Here are some of the messages that bombard us as we grow up. Few of them are noxious alone. Together they are a poison cocktail.

Big boys don’t cry. (Only weaklings, like gur-uhls, show their emotions.) This makes sense in a warrior or predator culture, where the slightest weakness will be pounced on and exploited.

Women are the weaker sex. They like strong men. They like take-charge men. They like leaders, not followers. Your job is to turn a girl’s No to a Maybe, a Maybe to a Yes. Then fuck ’em and forget ’em.

You’ve probably heard these and similar messages, maybe even (click HERE to continue.)


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