the photos

The background photo page header was taken by Bruno Monginoux, a nature and landscape photographer.

The site page header photo was taken by Francisco Altunes.

I took the photo used as the SHAPECHANGER TALES header when I spent two weeks touring Ireland.  Want to know real fear?  Try driving for the first time ever on the left side of a road like this one. Wondering each moment if you would meet a huge tour bus – or a mega-tractor!

The photo for CONFEDERATION TALES is from NASA.
– Lady Death photo is from an APOD web page.

WRITING FICTION page header is from Steffen‘s Flickr collection.
– The Primal Story page header is on 17 sites, including
– Manufacturing a Hit page header is from the Richmond Travels agency site
– Scenes vs. Summaries page header is from the Philips Electronics site.

THE AUTHOR page header is from stephane martin‘s Flickr collection.

THE PHOTOS page header is from the Library of Congress