These stories take place in an alternate universe. They range in time from several centuries before now to several after, on Earth and many other planets.


  • The Star Woman is the first of the Wonder Woman Rethought books, which answer the question “What would Wonder Woman be like if she came from a sci-fi background instead of Greek myth?”
  • Catching Ultrawoman is about a Confed Star Ranger who takes a vacation on Earth & encounters a couple of New Mexico State Police patrolmen.
  • Lady Death is how the Confed Star Ranger of Catching Ultrawoman got her start as a star guardian.
  • In The Afghan Intervention one day, at dawn, millions of alien devices appear all over Afghanistan. It tells how one of the US forces handle them.
  • In The Alfar’s Husband a medieval king on a far-away planet is resurrected with a new domain to serve & marvelous new tools with which to do that.

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