These stories take place in an alternate universe. They range in time from several centuries before now to several after, on Earth and many other planets.


  • The Star Woman is the first of the Supergirl Rethought books.
  • Catching Ultrawoman is about a Confed Star Ranger who takes a vacation on Earth & encounters a couple of New Mexico State Police patrolmen.
  • Lady Death is how the Confed Star Ranger of Catching Ultrawoman got her start as a star guardian.
  • In The Afghan Intervention one day, at dawn, millions of alien devices appear all over Afghanistan. It tells how one of the US forces handle them.
  • In The Alfar’s Husband a medieval king on a far-away planet is resurrected with a new domain to serve & marvelous new tools with which to do that.

3 Responses to Stories

  1. John Baker says:

    You should publish these books in Amazon Kindle format, under the Kindle Unlimited program,like the other books. I would love to be able to read them!
    John Baker


  2. Laer Carroll says:

    Good idea, John. I’ll do just that – as soon as I finish the ORPHAN sequel. I’m hoping to release that the date that the Captain Marvel movie is released, since it was remotely inspired by the comics of the same name. But that’s a hope. I’d rather get the book right than quick.


  3. Glenn M. Thompson says:

    What are timelines for sasho carnaro stories(dates) ? what is timeline foe The Starwomen?Please get back to me soonest.


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