Wonder Woman’s suit, civilian version

Wonder Woman‘s iconic costume has evolved since she was introduced in 1941. Here is one of the more recent versions, by Terry Dodson for DC Comics, the owner of the copyright for her. It was the cover of Wonder Woman vol. 3, #5 (May, 2007). Click image to see full-size version.

In my Wonder Woman Rethought book The Star Woman heroine Annalisa King finds out on her 18th birthday that she’s adopted. Her birth parents were from a planet in the Human Interstellar Confederation. She’s give three presents: a tiara, a body suit, and a car.

Each is a super-scientific machine made mostly of nanobots and force fields. The suit can mimic any clothing, including her favorite daily wear: tennies, shorts, and a tee shirt with the icon for rock band WINGZ on the front. Suit can also fly, though not as much as Pegasus, her car. It can morph into any of various super spaceships.

Suit covers her entire body and her insides, such as throat and lungs, and is impervious to harm. It can also be selectively invisible. So Anna can wear a bikini or nothing at all and still fight all sorts of baddies!

Here she is flying over the Liffey River in Dublin, invisible to everyone. Except you. Click either image to see full-size version.

Anna over Dublin

Anna over Dublin

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