The Confederation, info & map

The Human Interstellar Confederation is a long, flattened potato shape within our galaxy’s Orion spiral arm. It has had space travel for several thousand years.

Milky Way spiral galaxy Red dot is our location. Click image for larger view and more info.

A dozen other very advanced stellar organizations share parts of the same space. None of them war with humans. Their ecological niches are too different for them to want earthly habitats. Too, a god-like race (or races, or a single individual) forbids such conflict because very advanced races have weapons powerful enough to damage stars.

Earth’s stellar system is on the expanding periphery of the Confederation. A few decades before now our planet was declared part of the Confed’s Protectorate. This means we don’t know that other races inhabit the universe, but that the Confed will protect us from races less advanced than the Thirteen.

Milky Way galaxy

Click image for view of it that can be zoomed into and out of