Pemberley & Lambton

Eliza goes with her uncle and aunt-by-law the Gardiners on a trip north to the picturesque Peak District. On the way they stop at her aunt’s home town of Lambton to visit some of her old friends.

One day, hearing that Darcy’s home Pemberley Park is vacant she is persuaded to visit it, as it is a custom of great houses to allow respectable people to tour the public section.

Just where Pemberley is has been debated. I’ve settled on its being Ashbourne, nearly 15 miles west of Derby in Derbyshire. And three miles short of Ashbourne is a valley and a small river such as that which flowed by Pemberley Mansion.

Near the turnoff into the valley is an event venue which often hosts weddings: Osmaston Park. Click on their website and you can see what Eliza and Darcy might see when they looked out their windows or balconies.

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