Wonder Woman body

What does Wonder Woman look like? Let’s start with her body. It should be that of a woman, not a  skinny teenager. She also had to have visible muscles, not limp girly arms or legs. But not body-builder over-development.

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One possibility is Evangeline Lilly of TV’s Lost. She is soon to been in Hobbit Part 2 as an Elvish archer.

evangeline lilly rear 200x300Evangeline Lilly side 200 x 300Evangeline Lilly front 200x300

Kate Beckinsale has been in several action-adventure movies.

Kate Beckinsale orange bikini rear croppedKate Beckinsale orange bikini side cropped 200x300Kate Beckinsale orange bikini front cropped 200x300

So has Jessica Biel. Her image was shown earlier in a post and repeated here.

26985-jessicabiel3Jessica Biel front cropped 200x300

Add suggestions below.

3 Responses to Wonder Woman body

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  2. Elle says:

    Gina Carano. A real athlete. Maybe too muscular?


  3. Elle says:

    Or Gemma Arterton if you didn’t like Carano?


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