London home of the Gardiners

After Bingley departs Netherfield for London, apparently just for a day, his sisters and Darcy leave too. It then seems he will not return. To console Jane Mrs. Bennet’s brother and his wife offer to guest her for a few months in London. She readily agrees. Sometimes later Elizabeth joins them.

That’s when Eliza learns that Mr. Gardiner is quite wealthy and lives in an upscale and elegant residence near Cheapside, an area the Bingley sisters derided. Not at all tawdry, it is the financial center of the Empire and very upscale. The Bingley sisters are revealed as ignorant wannabes to elegance.

To the west a couple of miles away is the theatre district where the Gardiners and the two elder Bennet sisters watch a play. It is also where Eliza, shapechanged to appear an old woman, goes to enjoy the amusements where theatre patrons go after performances let out. It is unsafe for a woman alone–unless she is a being who can tear the arms off attackers and turn criminal gangs into funeral pyres.

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