The Orphan’s aircraft, spacecraft, other craft and habitats

In Jane’s last year in high school she gets pilots licenses, first on an airplane, then on a helicopter.

The airplane was the Piper Archer, a very popular single engine reciprocating engine aircraft. It is easy to pilot, and so often used in pilot training schools as well as civilian life. (Click the image for more information.)

Jane then took lessons in a Robinson R66 five-seater helicopter. (Click the image for more information.)


During the summer between Jane’s first and second year at the US Air Force Academy she took advantage of the Academy’s off-site enrichment program to spend several weeks at Laughlin Air Force Base in southwest Texas. There she got licenses in four different kinds of aircraft.

The first was the basic trainer, the T-6A Texan II. (Click image for more info.)

The second was the Shadow Hawk, the successor to the Air Force’s Pave Hawk. (Click image for more info.)

The third was the T-1A Jayhawk, a small passenger/cargo business jet. (Click image for more info.)

The fourth was the T-50A Fighting Eagle, a joint project by Lockheed-Martin and Korean Aerospace Industries. (Click image for more info.)


The events of Orphan take place about ten years from now. There is a space station put up by a commercial consortium. It is visited regularly by Earth-based spaceplanes, as seen in the scene below. It spins to give visitors gravity equal to about that of the Moon. This is enough to keep them from the dangers that go with staying in zero gravity for very long. (Click image for a larger view.)