Orphan Black season 2 begins soon

One of my fave TV shows, Orphan Black, begins its 2nd season on April 19th on BBC America. For those who miss it, the show can be downloaded from several sources. I’ll get mine (as I got Season 1) through Amazon Instant Video – thus skipping commercials!

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How to deal with being called a nerd

Will Wheaton gives a great answer to a little girl who asks how to handle being called a nerd.

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“Cassandra Kresnov” no. 5 just out

Just out: Operation Shield, the sequel to the latest Cassandra Kresnov novel: 23 Years on Fire.  A great read, it transcends narrow genre boxes: it is part military SF, part space opera, part very believable future extrapolation. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble both as a trade paperback and an ebook.

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Near-future glass technology

Here is a video about some near-future technical developments which are likely to affect all our lives. Useful to writers and interesting to most SF readers.

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Shadow Woman chapter excerpt

I’ve put an appetizer up on my Confederation Tales web site for those who want to read more of my Wonder Woman reboot, The Shadow Woman and The Star Woman. It is from the midpoint of chapter 9 of 10 in the first book. Projected book length is about 120,000 words.

This is a quick first draft and may undergo smaller or larger changes before I’m done. And it may go away entirely. No matter how much an author plans a book, it takes on a life of its own as s/he writes it and can mutate greatly on its way to The End.

It is called The Red Lady. To see an image of how she might look go to The Red Lady’s Appearance.

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Superhero movie LUCY with Scarlett Johannson

Coming in August from Universal a superhero movie starring Scarlett Johansson & directed by Luc Besson.  Definitely on my to-watch list!

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Veronica Mars movie: surprisingly good

The Veronica Mars movie surprised me, pleasantly. I’ve been watching a lot of BBC and CBC (Canadian) murder mysteries lately. This movie has something of the same noir atmosphere and naturalistic acting. I quickly forgot I was watching an actress (Kristen Bell) and became invested in the story. And figuring out who done it.  The high-octane finish kept me completely hooked.

Available as a pre-order on Amazon and elsewhere, and streaming video from various services. This includes Amazon Instant Video.

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The private life of a superhero

There’s been some feedback on Chapter Three of The Shadow Woman. This is the first book of my reboot of Wonder Woman if she’d had a sci-fi origin instead of a fantasy one.

Replying grew into something larger, which at the end has a hint of what’s to come in book two, The Star Woman. To read it go to The private life of Star Woman.

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Drones: their future in the U. S.

This video from MotherboardTV about the future of drones in our every-day life is 22 minutes long. But not a second of it is boring.

It is best viewed full-screen.  Click on the YouTube icon in the video, then in the new window click on the full-screen icon.

Question I had afterward – are we going to see a lot more land, sea, and undersea drones as well as aerial ones?

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The rise of anti-capitalism

A recent New York times thought piece by economist and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin echoes many sci-fi stories about the promises and problems of a future of abundance.

I’ve copied the title of the piece.  It suggests a movement which is the enemy of capitalism.  This is false.  The “movement” is not some silly Communist pipe-dream, but simply the evolution of technology’s efficiency to the point that many products can be gotten for next to nothing. That is, the EVOLUTION of capitalism.

The “next to nothing” phrase is crucial.  Physicists know there is always a cost to getting anything, if no more than the energy, time, and body wear-and-tear when picking up a freebie at a convention.  And shrugging off a sales patter.  And forcing oneself not to look at a sales woman’s impressive cleavage.

The article covers the issue pretty well.  Most SF readers will recognize the ideas from their long-time reading.  To see the book which covers this issue in more depth, click the image.

The Zero Marginal Cost Society

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