LUCIFER – a fun fantasy crime show

Beginning this week on Mondays is the 12-episode fantasy crime show Lucifer. The basic conceit is that the king of Hell abdicates to move to Los Angeles. Owning a night club not being sufficiently diverting, he takes to helping LAPD solve crimes.

The trailer looks promising. I enjoyed the humor and fantasy action, and look forward to seeing if the show lives up to its promise. You can view it on Fox on Mondays. Or stream it from Amazon Video or Hulu.

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SECOND CHANCE – an adult superhero TV show

Second Chance is a superhero movie with some of the adult sensibility of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, and less of the adolescent nonsense of the more bombastic Marvel and DC series.

A 75-year-old disgraced sheriff is brought back from the dead through advanced science. He is also regressed to his 30-something-year-old body and somehow also gains greater strength, durability, and sensory sensitivity.

The resurrection gimmick is more plausible than the usual radioactive spider bite or exposure to a yellow sun. Though it’s also a bit implausible, the resurrection method does come with downsides as well as upsides. Which is just what you would expect for any realistic process.

Its 11-episode first season is shown on Fox on Wednesdays (where you can watch the first episode for free). And it is available through Amazon Video and Hulu. I prefer a streaming service because I hate having stories interrupted by commercials.

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AGENT CARTER season two arrives!

Did you REALLY forget that Marvel’s Agent Carter returns for its second season the third week of January 2016? With TWO episodes?!

Well here’s your reminder, forgetful people!

Agent Carter is available on Amazon Video, which is how I watch it – I hate commercials interrupting my enjoyment of a story. It’s also available on Hulu. But if you must or want to, it’s also available on ABC.

If you somehow missed Season One, it is available for streaming through Amazon Video and on  Blu-ray and DVD.

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NINA KIRIKI HOFFMAN duology – terrific

One of the brightest stylists of fantasy fiction is Nina Kiriki Hoffman. Her characters are compelling, her stories engaging. She is definitely an author whose books you want to keep alert for when you go to the book store.

I’ve just begun rereading one of my favorite books by her, and I highly recommend you dip into it on Amazon and see if you might like it too. If you do, you’ll also want to get its sequel. (The first book is complete in itself. You do not need to get the second to enjoy the first.)

Click on the abbreviations above them to preview or buy the books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Preview Amz B&N

Preview Amz B&N

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On January 5th the 10-episode series the Shannara Chronicles debuts on the MTV cable channel. If you don’t have access to MTV, or if you want to avoid commercials, you’ll be able to view it streamed to your TV from Amazon Video.

Based on the second book in the series, it follows a mostly young cast as they fight demons freed from a dying tree which is their prison. The three principals are two hot girls, one human and one elf, and a hot guy who is half human half elf.

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ENDING ISIS: An Ex-CIA Chief’s Plan

This is the first comprehensive, no-nonsense, non-partisan plan to defeating ISIS that I’ve come across. It is put forth by former CIA deputy director John McLaughlin.

The plan is clearly summarized in three parts on the web site Ozy.

Part 1 – The Nature of ISIS

Part 2 – The Realities

Part 3 – The Five Steps to Success

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ANT-MAN surprisingly good & now for rent

I skipped Ant-Man when it came out because of the really stupid premise. But last night I was low on entertainment so I streamed it from Amazon Video. I had a very pleasant two hours. (It’s also available at RedBox kiosks in DVD and Blu-Ray.)

Why? Partly because Paul Rudd made a believable hero. I think he’s under-rated because he’s starred in so many comedies, and there’s a common feeling that comedy acting is easy. Partly because the story moves fairly well and makes sense despite the lame premise. Partly because a favorite actress Evangeline Lilly has an important part. (You may remember her as the elf archer Tauriel from The Hobbit.)

Be sure to fast-forward past the end to see the Easter egg! (TWO, actually.)

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AW609 TILTROTOR aircraft

There have been dozens of attempts to combine fast forward flight with controllable vertical flight. You can see this from Wikipedia’s list of such aircraft, which excludes helicopters.

The Bell Boeing V22 is one of the first practical and commercially successful aircraft using rotors that tilt from vertical to horizontal outside the body. (Craft that use tilting engines inside the body include the Harrier and the F-35.)

Now the V22 has been joined by another operationally successful tiltrotor aircraft, the AgustaWestland AW609. This is a smaller, cheaper, simpler aircraft intended for mostly civilian missions. It is not rugged enough for most military missions, though it may be useful for surveillance and law enforcement. The United Arab Emirates is buying it for search-and-rescue jobs where speed to and from a target area AND the ability to takeoff and land in rough areas is vital.

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Sequel to ANCIENT SHORES now available

My favorite book from a favorite author now has a sequel. The author is Jack McDevitt. His books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Blurb for Ancient Shores: It turned up in a North Dakota wheat field: a triangle, like a shark’s fin, sticking up from the black loam. Tom Lasker did what any farmer would have done. He dug it up. And discovered a boat, made of a fiberglass-like material with an utterly impossible atomic number.

What was it doing buried under a dozen feet of prairie soil two thousand miles from any ocean? True, Tom Lasker’s wheat field had once been on the shoreline of a great inland sea, but that was a long time ago — ten thousand years ago.

Preview Amz B&N

Preview Amz B&N

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THE STAR WOMAN: latest chapter posted

My Wonder Woman Rethought book The Star Woman is out seeking an agent. Meanwhile I snippeted on my web site Chapter 5 – Agent. You can also start at Chapter 1 – Revelation.

The story: Annalisa King knows she’s adopted. But on her 18th birthday her parents tell her that her birth parents were from a far star. They pass on to her three presents: a tiara, a suit, and a car. Each has almost magical powers.

The Star Woman chronicles Anna’s experiences as she learns to use those powers, first as a Marine Ranger, then as a covert crime fighter and guardian of the helpless everywhere. It also tells of her struggles to have a semblance of a normal life.

Star Woman above clouds copy
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