Superhero JESSICA JONES debuts on NetFlix

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is available this Friday, the 20th, on Netflix. All 13 episodes will be available at once. Each episode has its own story arc, but there’s one long one that concludes in the last episode.

You can sign up for one free month on Netflix. This lets you watch JJ all in one binge or spread out over the month however it suits you. You may cancel at any time during the month and not be charged for the month.

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The TRUMP clown candidate

I normally stay away from politics on my web site, but I couldn’t resist this one contribution to the 2016 Prez campaign. I find Donald Trump hilarious.

Gage Skimore clown
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Drone technology is entering the “gold rush” phase, as development, sales, and use of drones increases ever more rapidly. As with every product, drones have uses beneficial AND harmful, accidental as well as malicious. So people are creating ways to neutralize drones.

Some of them destroy the drones. Some blind their optics. Some disable their controls, forcing them to land or return to their home base. A Defense News article covers those approaches and more.

Civilian agencies need ways to neutralize drones in safe ways. The military is not so constrained, as witness the following video of the Navy using a laser cannon to destroy boats and planes.

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VIRTUAL REALITY + DRONES = next revolution in space exploration

Mars may be more exciting, but the next frontier in space exploration and exploitation will be the moon. It’s close, we’ve been there, and most if not all of the raw materials we need to build on it are already there.

It will also be expensive in the beginning. So any cost-cutting we can manage will be important. One answer is drones.

Remotely operated robots have been used for decades in space exploration. Adding virtual reality to them will enable lunar robots to be avatars of explorers and construction workers who will build lunar habitats.

Here is a fun video showing the promises and problems of FPV drones. (FPV = First Person Viewing)

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Drones are a technology that has reached the early stages of what economists call the expansion or GOLDRUSH part of the J-curve every new product goes through. That curve is the one colored green. Think of it as the flow of green (money) during the life of a product!

As the market grows so will improvements as makers of drones try to increase their share of the market. The following video showcases improvements in five areas: durability, ease of use, quality of images, reliability, and portability.

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This post has two tango videos and one martial arts video. Different in many ways, the two disciplines share one fundamental trait. See if you can figure out what!

Eleonora Kalganova grew up in the capital of Uzbekistan: Tashkent. She began ballroom dancing at six, later took up national dances, then ballet. In Moscow she was a dancer at the Bolshoi. Early on she was fascinated by the Argentine tango

Michael Nadtochi‘s dance career began an early age with ballroom dancing in Moscow, Russia. He later studied salsa and the Argentine tango. In ’98 he moved to New York where he teaches.

Men typically lead in tango by guiding the larger movements of a particular dance. Women help make it unique by adding adornos, adornments, such as these by Kalganova.

Tescao is a Tibetan martial art. Brought to Russia and Germany, it has spread from there.

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THE COMPLETE MORGAINE cycle is now available

I normally announce NEW books in the blog part of my web site. The hope is that I can call attention to some work which you might otherwise overlook when you see it or not see at all. Or not see until much later than it becomes available.

That is not the case with this announcement. C. J. Cherryh‘s Morgaine cycle of four books has been around for many years. What is new is a new edition which combines them into one volume. Available from Barnes & Noble and from Amazon.

This omnibus edition is a bit big. You may want to get copies of the individual books. They are available through third-party sellers. Click on the images of the magnificent covers by Michael Whelan to buy them. (About affiliates: Amz apparently is really stringent in who they accept. In over a dozen years of frequent buys, I’ve never been disappointed in their speed and trustworthiness.)

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Some forms of prostitution have always been legal.

What is a trophy wife but a prostitute who is paid millions of dollars? Sometimes directly such as with a bank account into which her millionaire husband pays many thousands of dollars. Sometimes indirectly as with gifts such as houses, automobiles, clothes, jewelry, vacations, and so on.

Often these millionaires regularly divorce their wives for a younger version. Donald Trump is an example. Here are his three wives (Ivana Zelníčková, Marla Maples, Melania Knavs). Click the images for biographical details.


Porn “stars” are another example. Contestants in dating game shows such as The Bachelor are another example. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian may get their start at celeb status with an “accidentally” or “maliciously” leaked sex tape (for which she received $5 million in a legal settlement).

Technology has expanded the reach and variety of prostitution. It has included depictions in photos, movies, videos, and on the internet. One popular form of legal prostitution is webcam pornography. It can be performed in one’s own home, singly or with a partner, without a pimp or brothel. It’s relatively safe, but hardly perfectly safe. Business Insider discusses the industry at length.

On August 11th, 2015, Amnesty International voted to fully decriminalize all aspects of consensual sex work. The policy also calls on states to ensure that sex workers enjoy full and equal legal protection from exploitation, trafficking and violence. An article in Huffington Post explains the meaning of the resolution and its pros and cons.

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BLINDSPOT – stupid premise, fun show

I just saw the pilot for the NBC action-adventure hourly TV show Blindspot. I enjoyed the pilot a lot, despite the really stupid premise of the show.

A young woman is deposited unconscious, naked, and without any memory of her past life in New York’s Times Square. Her body is covered with tattoos, each containing clues to a crime to be solved. “Jane Doe” is played by Jaimie Alexander, known to Marvel comics fans as Lady Sif of Asgard.

The plot makes (limited) sense, the action is good, and the acting feels true. I bought the entire season so I can stream it from Amazon Video.


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EMILY BLUNT – action movie star

Emily Blunt joined the ranks of female action-adventure movie stars last year by co-starring with Tom Cruise in sci-fi war movie Edge of Tomorrow.

This Friday September 18th she joins the short list for such roles. She plays the lead in premiering drug-cartel war movie Sicario. It goes wide on October 2nd.

However, she refuses to be type cast. In her next role she plays an evil queen in dark fantasy The Huntsman. Next she’s a neurotic alcoholic in the thriller The Girl on the Train.


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