First SUPERGIRL trailer

The first Supergirl trailer is out now from CBS. I have high hopes for it but (as always) low expectations. So far iZombie has fulfilled my hopes, though Arrow and Flash have not.

One nice touch is that she has a few people who know her secret who can support her. Also intriguing: apparently there’s a secret organization which protects Earth from aliens.

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SEAPLANE renaissance

Until recently I thought of amphibious seaplanes as so old hat they belonged only in Indiana Jones World War Two movies. Then I read an article in on seaplanes. It turns out that they are not only important currently but expanding their numbers and strategic tasks.

They are very useful for fire-fighting because they can land in rivers and oceans, suck up a huge load of water in just a few seconds, and be on their way quickly to dampen fires. Ditto sea rescue, for they can fly further than helicopters and land in water rather than dangerously dangle rescuers and rescuees from cables. They can also carry passengers, rescue or police or military personnel, and others to heavily forested or rocky areas with a nearby lake, large river, or ocean.

Three of the more widely used seaplanes are the Russian BE-200, Chinese TA-600, and Japanese US-2. Click their images for more info.

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more EMILY BLUNT and ANNE HATHAWAY lip-sync battle

MORE Em & Anne Lip Sync Battle on Spike’s hi-def channel on LSB’s YouTube channel!

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EMILY BLUNT and ANNE HATHAWAY lip-sync battle

Last night I watched Lip Sync Battle on Spike’s hi-def channel.

Utterly hilarious antics from two hotties – always a favorite with me. Now you can watch it on LSB’s YouTube channel.

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MOTORBIKES on the battlefield

Thought Captain America’s use of a motorbike as an attack vehicle in The First Avenger was over-the-top comics silliness? Think again.

Special forces and others in Afghanistan have made good use of such bikes, as detailed in a StrategyPage report. So much so that they are financing the development of the SilentHawk hybrid bike which can be set to silent for the final approach to a target. (Click image for more info.)

Four-wheeled bikes, called ATVs or all-terrain vehicles, are also coming into wider-scale use. Such as ones with non-pneumatic tires such as the Polaris Sportsman MV 850 shown below. (Click image for more info.)

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SPLINTERED a vivid quest through Wonderland

Just finished a novel I found delightful: Splintered by A. G. Howard. It’s yet another book inspired by the Alice novels of Lewis Carroll, birth name Charles Dodgson.

The writing is vividly evocative of Wonderland’s rainbow colors and the darkness often hiding at the edges of the beauty. The familiar characters and situations of the Alice books are given a fresh perspective and interesting twists which turn the familiar strangeness of Wonderland even stranger.

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, and others. (Click on image to read first few chapters.)

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IZOMBIE a fun new show

The first episode of iZombie has arrived. If the show remains true to its beginning I think it will be a success – at least for me. It was interesting, fun, and sometimes funny.

I especially enjoyed the scene where the main character goes all zombie badass on a bad guy. It’s not a good idea to shoot a zombie with a pistol. You REALLY need an elephant gun or a flamethrower!

The show is on the CW on Tuesdays. I downloaded it from Amazon and watched it on a notebook hooked to my bigscreen TV. I don’t mind paying a couple of bucks to avoid commercial breaks.

It’s also available on Hulu (but not Netflix) and Shomi (the new Canadian streaming service).

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LINDSEY STIRLING joy in music & dance

Got some bad news a few days ago. May need heart surgery. Takes a few days to absorb, accept, and adapt to the necessity.

Lady friend helped with perspective and other good advice. So too did the following and several other videos from phenomenal musician, composer, dancer, and performance artist Lindsey Stirling. (CDs available on Amazon and elsewhere.)

Hope it lightens your days too.

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Latest BATTLEFIELD intel system being deployed

Battlefield C3I is short for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence. At NASA and Boeing I worked on several such projects. The systems keep getting both bigger (larger overall systems) and smaller (more miniaturized parts). They also have become faster and more efficient. And more flexible.

The latest systems include smartphones which can be worn on their arms. Thus soldiers are in constant contact with their comrades and their commands via satellite links. Being deployed now is the latest development: the Joint-Battle Command Platform.

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MID-LEVEL tech support of intel & special forces

The Air Force loves super-advanced new technology. (As do I.) But in modern and near-future conflicts sometimes lower-level solutions are more effective and cost less.

Such are two military aircraft long used by USAF for ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance). These both use turboprop engines, which might be called MID-LEVEL technology: higher than the older (low-tech) reciprocating engines but lower than the latest high-performance (high-tech) jet engines. These two aircraft and their cousins are also piloted by onboard crews (low-tech) rather than remotely (high-tech).

These aircraft are the MC-12 and the U-28, twin- and single-engine aircraft. They are used by (among other organizations) the USAF ISR group. They have more onboard cargo capacity for electronic equipment, are as much as twice as fast as the larger UAVs and can fly higher. They are also more versatile, for they can be used to quickly and unobtrusively deliver a small team of special forces to back-country roads. They can also pick them up, perhaps along with a high-value spy, captured or defecting terrorist, or rescued humanitarian.

For more info on each aircraft, click their images.

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